Already up 400%, This Coin Is One of the Best Bear Investment

Already up 400%, This Coin Is One of the Best Bear Investment thumbnail

Right now, if you own Bitcoin, the latest market news has been far from encouraging.

However, you don’t have to wait for the market to bounce back to safely make a profit on your BTC or any other digital assets.

You can earn starting today, by choosing to invest in projects that offer bear-resilient utilities. One such project is ArbiSmart, an EU-authorized and registered interest-generating wallet and financial services hub.

The project, and its native token, RBIS, were introduced in 2019, and since then it has gone from strength to strength. RBIS has risen in price by close to 300% in the last three weeks and analysts are anticipating a rise to over 30 times the current value by the end of 2022.

The crypto investment opportunities offered within the ArbiSmart ecosystem involve minimal risk, and while the rise has been gradual, the RBIS token has steadily gone up in value year-on-year, which over time has resulted in sizable capital gains.

The services are bear-proof

ArbiSmart services offer an exceptionally rare and valuable combination- low risk, high returns, and resistance to market volatility.

Profits are dependable and transparent. For example, ArbiSmart’s automated crypto arbitrage system generates a consistent, predictable return of up to 147% APY, depending on your account level.

Your profits can be calculated in advance, as they remain the same, whether the market is experiencing an uptrend or downtrend.

The reason for this is that crypto arbitrage generates a profit from temporary price differences across exchanges. These arise frequently, often as a result of differences in trading volume between bigger exchanges and smaller ones, and they occur just as regularly in a bull or bear market.

The way it works is that ArbiSmart’s algorithm, which is connected to nearly 40 exchanges that it monitors 24/7, identifies coins available at different prices. It then automatically buys at the lowest price before instantly selling it at the highest price to make the best possible profit.

Another volatility-resistant ArbiSmart service is the project’s recently launched interest-generating wallet, which also offers unparalleled rates of up to 147% a year that remain the same, whichever direction the market moves.

You can choose to simply store your funds, keeping them accessible all the time, in an interest-free available account, or place them in a savings plan to earn a profit.

The wallet supports 25 different FIAT


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