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ETH Price Prediction: $1,377 by End 2022, and $11,727 by 2030

ETH Price Prediction: $1,377 by End 2022, and $11,727 by 2030 thumbnail

Ethereum price prediction: ETH is underpriced after the Merge upgrade. This is according to 46% of Finder’s panel of in-industry experts.

The panel of 55 fintech and crypto experts predicts that ETH could dip to $963 in the months ahead. But, don’t panic. ETH is estimated to end 2022 at $1,377.

Looking all the way through to the end of the decade, the panel predicts that ETH will jump to $5,154 by December 2025. And it will hit $11,727 by the end of 2030.

eth price prediction

ETH price prediction: Expert opinion

Joseph Raczynski is a technologist and futurist for Thomson Reuters. He says ETH will reach $1,700 by December of this year. Raczynski says the benefits from the Merge have not yet been priced in. 

“ETH has fallen in value, though one could argue, Ethereum is actually more valuable and secure now. The narrative is also way better on the environmental impact, reducing electricity consumption by over 99%.”

Ben Ritchie is the managing director at Digital Capital Management. He thinks ETH is underpriced. He feels it could be priced around $8,000 by 2025.

“The unfavorable market conditions hindered the network’s growth, but when these factors are set aside, the probability of its success will significantly increase.”

Could ETH be overpriced?

Chloe White is an independent crypto-asset consultant. She thinks Ethereum is overpriced, and says geopolitical pressures are too sharp for ETH to overcome.

“The Merge does have some effect on the supply of ETH. But not enough to offset the weight of the current macroeconomic and geopolitical forces that are straining markets globally. Waters will be choppy for months to come.”


31% of the experts say that ETH is priced fairly. Yves Longchamp is the head of research at SEBA Bank.

“The Ethereum ecosystem is undergoing a series of upgrades. All are intended to lead the Ethereum network to greater scalability, transaction speed, and cost efficiency. Once complete the M


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