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This 10-Minute Strategy Might Triple Your BTC, APE, and SHIB in 1 Month

This 10-Minute Strategy Might Triple Your BTC, APE, and SHIB in 1 Month thumbnail

The cryptocurrency markets can be highly volatile, so finding a low-risk passive investment strategy that offers sizable returns that remain the same under any market conditions can be tough.

There is one crypto investment option that is becoming increasingly popular as the bear run continues. ArbiSmart is an interest-generating wallet and financial service ecosystem fueled by the native token, RBIS, which went up 300% in September and is still climbing.

The EU-authorized and registered project offers volatility-resistant utilities that generate the same consistent return on investment, in both bull and bear markets, while involving minimal risk and requiring zero monitoring or management.

ArbiSmart users can start earning a profit from day one, and the process requires no specific crypto or general market knowledge.

How the wallet works

ArbiSmart’s interest-generating wallet offers leading rates of up to 147% a year, which remain the same whether the market is in an upturn or downturn.  

It provides secure storage and interest on savings account balances in 25 different supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Funds can be held interest-free, in an available balance, which always remains accessible, or they can generate daily interest in a locked savings plan. The wallet holder can lock funds for 1 month, 3 months, 2 years, 3 years, or 5 years, earning a higher interest rate, the longer the savings period.

RBIS ownership

The wallet holder’s account level decides what interest rate they receive, and the account level is determined by how much RBIS they own. Put another way, more RBIS means a higher interest rate on balances in Bitcoin, Euro, or any of the other currencies supported by the wallet.

RBIS savings balances earn much higher rates than balances in any other FIAT or cryptocurrency. However, if wallet holder prefers to keep their capital in another currency, they can still earn a generous rate.

How to open a wallet in well under 10 minutes?

  1. Register with ArbiSmart, by completing a brief 1-minute form
  2. To earn interest, you need to purchase 1,000 RBIS, which will raise your account status to Beginner Account Level 1. This can be done in just a couple of clicks through the RBIS management page in the dashboard.
  3. Deposit funds in any of the wallet’s 25 supported FIAT or digital currencies
  4. Choose the currency and time frame for the savings plan. Then decide how to receive your interest, which is paid out daily. It can be automatically sent to a separately available balance, where it can be withdrawn at any time, or for a better return, it can be locked in the savings plan, along with the capital on which it is being earned.  Alternatively, it can generate the highest rates if it is paid in RBIS, rather than the currency of the savings plan and remains locked until the savings plan expires.
  5. Finally, choose an amount to deposit
    and that’s it…
    Now, get on with your day, while you start earning daily profits.

How the risk remains low, while the rates remain high

Once a user has deposited funds in an ArbiSmart wallet, those funds are used to perform automated crypto arbitrage. Crypto arbitrage is an exceptionally low-risk investing strategy that takes advantage of brief windows in which a coin is available across various exchanges at different prices at the same time.

These temporary price disparities are a common occurrence, and they arise because of a differen


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